Why to Choose BG Productions to be Your Philadelphia Wedding Photographer and Videographer

There are SO many choices to make when you’re planning your wedding and finding the right Philadelphia wedding photographer is at the top of the list! Now a days, everyone thinks they are a photographer but there are tons of reasons to choose a small independent photography and videography company to shoot your special day. And at BG Productions Photography and Videography, we’ve got you covered for EVERYTHING.

We’ve heard so many sad stories of wedding day photos not living up to expectations, but with us that’s not something you need to worry about. I’m sure your Aunt Patty or your friend Bob takes nice pictures, but if they are not wedding professionals tell them to take a seat and enjoy your wedding and hire someone like… US! It is SO important to hire a photographer (and video!) who you click with and who enhances your very special day. Looking for a photography and video team for your Philadelphia wedding? Contact us!

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Experience & Consistency

Have you ever heard horror stories of a friend hiring a photographer and the images they got back were just not what they expected? We at BG Productions know what we’re doing! We have been doing wedding photo and video for 9 years and our style has evolved into the style you know and love today! What you see on our website is what you get! We work with a hand-picked regular team of photographers who have many years experience shooting and who deliver images with OUR style for a cohesive wedding story. You can learn about our amazing team here and get to know who will be there on your wedding day.


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Customization & Personalized

When you decide to book with us (or even before… if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!) we are with you every step of the way. We are involved in your planning process. We meet with you and make sure we are the right fit for you. Your wedding package is completely customization to fit exactly what you want. All of the photo and video editing are done in-house by us so we approve every image you receive and make sure it’s up to our standards. After all, we are artists and we want to deliver what you are expecting. And to us- editing is a part of our ART!

We see your wedding venue with you (unless it is more than 2 hours from Philly) BEFORE the day of your wedding and we are already planning amazing shots together, customized to your venue, your style and whatever lighting situation we will run into. Sometimes an unforeseen emergency or crisis CAN happen on your wedding day (the chances are very very small, please don’t let that scare you. But sure anything can happen) and we step up and help you solve your problem! We are in cahoots with your wedding/ venue coordinator and help take care of issues before you even know about them. We do all these things because we care about our clients.


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The More Different the Better

We pretty much specialize in unique and off-beat weddings and LBGTQ+ weddings and folks that just want Fun and Artistic imagery. Quirky themes, super heroes, totally DIY, lots of tattoos, having fun, geeky, same sex... these are our favorite weddings- weddings that add a touch of yourself!  At BG Productions we have always believed love is a basic human right! And we get really really excited about fun funky details, and of course the love you and your partner have for each other! We want to capture all YOUR Rock Star moments!


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Fun quirkey wedding details


Basically You’re Going to Love Us

Sorry- but toot toot, We will toot our own horn here and say you’re pretty much going to love having the BG Team capture your big day! And we love you! We Really Really do! We build life-long relationships with our clients and hold a Client Appreciation Party every year (this year will be our 7th and the theme is coming as your fav. Rock Star!) Many of our past clients keep coming back for more and hire us for family portraits, newborn shoots, pet portraits, and refer us to friends and family who are looking for a photographer and/or videographer for their weddings. These are things that I believe make us stand out from other Philadelphia area photographers and mill-type large corporate photography companies. With BG Productions, you’ve got a friend for life! Check out what it’s like to work with us.


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Have we mentioned we’ve got your video needs covered too?? (Just joking, I know we have) We LOVE providing full photo and video packages for your wedding day. It’s something you will have and cherish forever and will help you remember all those small moments you might not have noticed during the busy day. Here is one of our favorite video teasers to give you an idea of what you will get!


Client Love

I know I’ve stated over and over again how much we love our clients and how important it is for them (YOU) to love us. I cannot stress this matter enough! The connection we have is so important to make sure you have a BLAST on your wedding day. Because guess what, we’re going to have a really great time too! Here are just a couple of the many love letters we have received from real past clients thanking us for our services and telling us a bit about why they chose us:

When we were first looking for a photographer price was definitely an important factor. Not only that, but we didn’t want the run of the mill posey generic wedding photos, so style was the second biggest factor. My husband and I are more laid back and fun and we wanted a photographer to capture our personalities! Once we started meeting in person (we narrowed it down to two after lots of research), it was important to have a connection with the photographer(s). The other photographer we met with was very nice and we knew she would do a good job, but since we met with Cat and Al right after that there was no competition. Meeting Cat and Al felt like hanging out with friends that we had many times before. They have an amazing ability to make you feel immediately comfortable and you knew they had your back. We knew on our wedding day we’d want people that would not only capture our wedding, but would participate and have fun too!  –Vicki

When I was first looking for a photographer/videographer I was searching on a broad scale.  I wasn’t sure specifically what I wanted but I knew what I didn’t want. Style and the relationship/connection was my top priority. Closely followed by price and I was only originally looking for photographers. I pretty much needed someone to sell themselves to me (make me pick them) because the process was so overwhelming. Once I started searching in catalogs and online I realized I wanted someone that took candid shots that’s weren’t so posed and stiff. I wanted the photographers to capture our fun personalities. By the time we met the photographers in person we had already liked their style. That had gotten them the face to face meeting. At that point me wanted to have the right feeling. See if we meshed well enough to work together. I wanted someone who would listen to me when I really wanted a shot but had a professional eye to tell me if it wouldn’t work the way I thought it would or to create a better shot. Honestly, the moment I met them I just knew. It was a nonchalant meeting at a coffee shop. I saw them and they gave us hugs like we were old friends. The feeling I got was warm and comfortable. It didn’t take long for my husband and I to agree! They were the overall package!  –Jamie

And there you have it… 100+ reasons to hire BG Productions for your photo and video needs.  If you have ANY questions about hiring your photographer in the Philadelphia area (or beyond, we love to travel!), please don’t hesitate to contact us! We want to chat with you!


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