It was so Awesome to get to go to Brugge and see Els and meet her lovely family. I first met Els in 1992 when i was a part of Walk Across America- a walk to bring attention to Native American issues and stop nuclear testing. I didn’t think then that I would ever being getting to go to Belgium!! I was just so thrilled.

Brugge is a beautiful town- though a bit crowded on a Saturday. By Sunday it was much better and Monday was perfect! lol!! Al and I walked around on our own the first day and took a canal ride- pretty cool. then Sunday we spent the day with Els, Laura, Anika, and Vicotira having one of the BEST days ever!! The carnival was in town and we rode a whole lot of rides- though all the scary ones Els and I didn’t do!! lol!! But i had so much fun just giggling the day away!! It was truly one of these “gift” days. the kind that make you feel so incredible to be alive. A day with no worries (and no cell phones or email). Such a rare kind of day for us!! It definitely reminded us to take time out for ourselves WITHOUT our phones and being connected to everyone in an instant!!!

It was so great to spend time with this amazing family. Els is incredible with a daughter of her own and being a foster mom to two other kids (and to some others on weekends)!! What an inspiration she is. and chocolate- LOTS of Awesome chocolate!!