Boat House Row Engagement Session || Katie + Bill || BG Productions Photography and Videography

Katie and Bill are adorable!! Like most couples they come to us saying “we aren’t very good at taking pictures, lol!!” We just smile and assure them they are better than they think. Most folks aren’t used to having their pictures professionally taken so sit back and lets just have fun! an FUN we had!! They were so easy to work with and LOVED that they we up for ANYTHING!! even climbing onto the ledge of a building for a way “cooler” shot than on the ground!! lol

We headed to Boat House Row to get some fun shots without doing the typical Philadelphia Art Museum. Not that there is anything wrong with going there, we just like to mix it up a bit!! The best kinds of sessions are those where we just wonder around together, laughing and talking and stopping when I get inspired by a look or something! Im like a dog and someone says “squirrel! ” lol!!

We are super stoked for their wedding this October at Morris Arboretum! Its going to be Awesome!

And Please leave a comment saying your favorite photo and WHY and if they get at least 10 comments they will get the most popular one as a FREE 8×10 gift print! So show them some love and help them out!!Boat House Row Engagement PhotosBG1_9082BG1_9098BG1_9117BG1_9125BG1_9131BG1_9138BG1_9143BG1_9155BG1_9159BG1_9171BG1_9184BG1_9192BG1_9214BG1_9224BG1_9227BG1_9232BG1_9241BG1_9248BG1_9258BG1_9271BG1_9276BG1_9280BG1_9281BG1_9284BG1_9291BG1_9296BG1_9319BG1_9323BG1_9326BG1_9345BG1_9353-EditBG1_9386BG1_9396BG1_9417BG1_9424BG1_9447BG1_9465BG1_9469BG1_9480BG1_9489BG1_9492BG1_9504BG1_9505BG1_9512BG1_9514BG1_9518BG1_9522BG1_9535BG1_9557BG1_9595BG1_9598BG1_9620BG1_9630BG1_9640BG1_9665BG1_9674