Birthday Cake Smash || Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer || BG Productions

So much fun with Zakai and Aiden!! Thanks to having such Awesome Parents, we have gotten several chances to hang out and photograph these little guys! I cant believe they are already A WHOLE YEAR OLD! WOW!! and sooo much cuteness!! But the best part of the day was totally when mom got into the action. I know she is going to look back on these photos as some of her favorites throughout the years. It shows just how Awesome and FUN she is!!

We are so blessed to have captured  so many important moments between Naomi and Josh- and now their boys! This is what makes my job so magical! I was BLOWN away when we walked into the house they now own!! (they had been living there with her parents until they moved). I knew immediately that this time is was finally theirs. There were photographs framed on every wall that I had taken since their wedding! That was such an incredible feeling! I love giving people the gift f memories!

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