I know we have shared our belief in being a green company and live our lives in a green lifestyle as much as possible. We are Proud to be part of the Green Bride Guide a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to have a Green Wedding! And we hope you are!

Our Green Mission Statement

We are a photography and videography company. Our business is in our home which is as green as possible. We do organic gardening for our veggies and herbs and have a compost bin that we use to compost all waste including materials for our business that can go in there. We recycle everything and buy as much in 100 post consumer waste/recycled materials as possible. and we watch our carbon footprint! We try and buy as much used equipment that is feasible. We hosted a client appreciation party at our house so that we could share with our clients green living in the city. Personally we had a green wedding and I have been a hard core environmentalist for over 20 years, including working with Earth First!, Green Peace, and the Ruckus Society. we would be honored to be listed! I’ve even in a tree to save them from being clearcutted! here is a list of the things we do to be green…. We use Digital Cameras instead of Film, so there are no harsh chemicals We use the electronic delivery of images through e-mail and online galleries We dont do printing of pictures- we give our clients DVDs and all mailings are made with recycled materials We encourage clients to only print the photos they want to hang or put in a book We use Rechargeable Batteries in our equipment We buy used equipment whenever possible We reuse shipping boxes and packing material we receive and recycle what we cant We recycle all paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, plastics, cans and bottles We replaced halogen bulbs with compact florescent alternatives We pass on old equipment to other photographers or trade it in We use a High Efficiency Air Conditioner and use a programmable thermostat to keep the heat down when we aren’t home and at night We clean air filters frequently to keep Furnace & A/C working efficiently We unplug unused power supplies that use energy We replaced an old showerhead with a newer low-flow model We donate our services and give to charities we both do volunteer work we are both into direct action for environmental and social issues (we even organized and participated in a protest in Beijing for a free Tibet during the summer Olympics) We had a green wedding ourselves We have an organic garden and what we do buy is organic and comes locally as much as possible and besides- our last name is Green! lol!!!

 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) paper towels, napkins, etc.,100% post-consumer waste (PCW) toilet paper, paper towels, etc., Compost, Member of 1% For The Planet Or Donate A Portion Of Sales To Charity, Use compact fluorescent lights (CFL) or LED lights, Use ground shipping whenever possible, Actively participate in a referral program with other green businesses, Energy Star Appliances, Partial post-consumer waste (PCW) paper towels, napkins, etc., Recycle everything we can in our area (bottles, cans, and paper), Use public transportation or reimburse employees that do, Biodegradable dish soap or detergent,Biodegradable hand soap, Carbon offset travel, Partial post-consumer waste (PCW) photocopy paper, Proper recycling of electronics and batteries, Use of website as an educational tool, 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) business cards and marketing materials, Biodegradable cleaners,Inform clients of eco-friendly product/service choices, Use recycled elements in my product or service, Avoid bottled water, Low-flow toilets, Offer employees or clients organic or Fair Trade coffee and beverages, Recycled paper packaging,  Turn off or unplug all electronics or power strips when not in use,100% digital communication and billing, Reusable or biodegradable dishes and cups, Source equipment, supplies, materials, goods locally whenever possible, Reusable or biodegradable utensils, Furnished office using recycled or vintage furniture.
 Photographer, Post images/footage online instead of printing hard copies for review, Videographer, Use digital technology, Use LED or compact fluorescent flash, Use rechargeable batteries, Offer environmental friendly albums and frames (e.g. recycled materials, natural fibers, reclaimed or sustainable wood), We offer natural fiber alternatives to traditional silver halide-based resin-coated photographic paper prints.
What are you doing to have a Green Wedding?