BG Productions has 3 featured photos on Huffington Posts!

We Love being featured on Huffington Post Weddings! It is always great to be contacted and asked for photos for them to share- but to be contacted TWICE in one week!! Well that is Super exciting!! We love sharing our awesome clients. The first article was highlighting fun wedding photos and we we have 2 photos featured. Of course Daniel and Sauce at The Please Touch Museum in the Alice exhibit and one great reception photo taken from Erin and Franks epic dance floor fun!! A couple of days later it was National Dog Day (isn’t every day dog day for our Bella lol!!) and they asked to feature Kirby in his mariachi outfit at Chrissy and Manny’s wedding at Distrito (a fantastic and cool place for a wedding!!)

At BG Productions Photography and Videography we LOVE our clients and love even more when they get to share their unique and beautiful wedding day with others.  In the world of social media that we live in today there is so much wedding inspiration to be found. My favorite kind though comes from every day, not “over the top” weddings where couples share parts of themselves. A wedding is a time to celebrate your love and who you are together as a couple. The BG Family always has so much fun at their weddings. This is because they want it to be about fun and sharing time with those they love too and not get all crazy in too many details that dont mean anything to them personally.  All 3 of the wedding that were featured last week on Huff Weddings were perfect examples of that.

We hope you enjoy articles!