As most of you know- Al and I have a new little girl in our life- Bella is now almost 6 months old (a boxer/bulldog mix). We are so thrilled to have her with us on this amazing adventure we are currently on.  I can’t believe how good- I mean REALLY good that she is. I had a yellow lab named CuSith  (cooshee) who passed away this past summer at almost 15. He was a wonderful dog and traveled all over the country with me while I lived in a Volkswagon Vanagon. I did a lot of forest activism as well as other environmental and social activist work and spent most of the year on the road. CuSith was a great road dog- but as a lab he was full of energy (until is golden years). He always listened and was well behaved- but wanted to play a lot!! While Bella loves to get her play on- she is really most happy just chilling with Al and I. I think chilling is an understandment. She is so totally mellow!!!! She just loves to curly up in her two doggie beds- often stretching out to be in both of them. She loves to sleep and would lay in bed all day if we let her! lol!!!

As a travel companion to us we are just amazed every day at how well she has taken t0 being on the road. While at times she can get a little freaked out by too many people, big RVs, and loud noises (really- can you blame her!) – she never strays away or barks very much. She loves having her picture taken now that she is used to that big ole camera I keep sticking in her face.

While we are on our journey she has posed in many places- but by far our favorite was the impromptu photoshoot on the old Rt. 66. There were no cars in sight and she just started to pose in the middle of the road- so we had to capture it all.

hope you enjoy and look for more tales from the road…….