An Extra Special Family Session || Philadelphia Family Photographer|| BG Productions

Some of you amy already know this- but i used to be a high school History teacher here in Philadelphia! I specialized in radical history and really enjoyed teaching. As a matter of fact- i LOVED my students- it was the other adults and administration I could do without! LOL!! (Can you believe I hate being told what to do- lol!!!)

I was a very hands on, close to my students kind of teacher. I have attended family functions, birthday parties and special moments with many past students. One read a poem at our wedding almost 7 years ago (and I also bought him and other past students a round of shots on his 21st b-day- (as long as the others were 21 too!))

Many past students are on my faccebook and last summer we did a corporate project with one- Salina. So this year I was Thrilled when Ayesha (from the first graduating class at Freire Charter School where I spent most of my time) contacted me for a family session. Of course I couldn’t wait to meet this TOTALLY adorable little girl I had seen on my FB newsfeed! and she didn’t disappoint.  She is a total cutie with a mind ALL her own and a look that can tell you Exactly what she thinks of what you want her to do! lol!! I think I remember her mom giving me that look a time or two- but you KNOW I totally have the “teacher look” down pat!!

So enjoy this extra special session. and Make sure to leave a comment saying your favorite photo and why and if they get at lweast 10 comments they will get the most popular photo as an 8X10 FREE!! So help them out!!!