I just can’t get over how blessed I feel on this trip! It really is a trip of a lifetime. While I have been to the Grand Canyon a few times before (the first time when I was 9 with my dad and brother. The 3 of us had a silver pick-up truck and spent a couple of weeks just traveling around out West. ) I attribute my desire to travel to that and to all the cool outdoor adventures my mom and I had. Both of my parents really have a love for nature and for exploring! Al’s dad also taught him a lot about the great outdoors and how to have respect for it. So getting to go to the Grand Canyon together was really special. and it was even more Super cool because we went by train- the Grand Canyon Railroad out of Williams Arizona. This also took me to a part of the Canyon I have never been.

We started by taking Bella to doggie day care which was a really nice place. Then we had a buffet breakfast but not before Al somehow managed to loose his extra shirt. It wasn’t till we go to the Train Depot that he realized it was gone. He went back and searched and searched- but the wind must have carried it away! We witnessed a Cowboy shootout and then boarded the train. Maybe they stole his shirt! lol!!!

The train ride was SPECTACULAR!!  Totally STUNNING!!! We booked the luxury parlor class car so that we could have access to outside and to many cool spots on the train. This made for some really unique shots. We had snacks (and a champagne toast on the ride back) Cowboy signers for entertainment (and this was really touching to Al since he grew up watching spaghetti westerns!). We meet some cool folks from England and a really awesome archeologists from Australia (James). He is on this world tour to see all the world heritage sites.  Really Awesome! He is going to come through Philly so we will get to see him again and to make sure we get a picture together this time- Damn it!!!

The 3 of us got off the train and decided to go exploring together. Im really glad. It was great getting to spend time with someone else. The sky was Totally blue and the view- well- its the Grand Canyon!! it is VERY GRAND!!! I could never get tired of looking at this site! And what a great time of year- it wasn’t even crowded. We check out a lot of cool spots, and took some amazing photos and video. I climbed out to a ledge (very carefully to just enjoy it and Al snapped some pictures). He later joined me in that spot and we threw CuSith’s ashes into the wind to be swept up into the Canyon. I know CuSith would have liked this. The only bad thing about the day was it was very windy and started getting colder. It eventually hailed and then started to rain- but not before we all enjoyed the BEST Jumbo Pretzel. This was James’ 1st and it was really Really good. The warm soft dough on a cold day was the perfect combination!

We borded the train to return to Williams where we enjoyed more great conversation (all the folks from England Loved our Tardis pictures- though we didn’t bring it to the Canyon for fear it would blow over!!!). The train was “robbed” on the way home- which was just the right amount of dorky for Al and I! lol!!!

We finished our time in Williams eating a great dinner and buying some gloves!!! Next stop….Utah!!

Check out the Awesome video by clicking here!!!!!