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On January 21st 2017 we at BG Productions made it our mission to attend, march in and photograph The Women’s March on Washington. I am so honored to be able to be an activism photographer for this historic March. There was just so much that needed to be captured. Between the creative and expressive signage and the proud woman standing up for themselves with their young children. In over 30 years of activism this had to be one of the most amazing, beautiful, and inspiring days ever. There was so much diversity and love and acceptance.

It made me realize that a better world really is possible, you just have to get up and speak your mind. Millions of people from around the world came out for The Women’s March on Washington that day. And they all stood in solidarity with the people of the United States. To be exact over 5 Million of us worldwide and over 1 Million in Washington, D.C., came to march, speak and make our voices heard.

The Woman’s March on Washington was in response to the presidential election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump. It aims to bring people together the following day in the nation’s capital to make a strong statement in opposition of Trump’s values.  The rhetoric of the election insulted and threatened women, immigrants, those with diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBT and people with disabilities.

Familiar Faces

It is so cool to see friends and BG clients out at these Marches and protests fighting the fight that is so important right along side us. In the sea of over a million marchers, we spotted Melissa. (Of Melissa and Lloyd, one of our FAVORITE weddings and favorite people). She was holding her sign up proud and supporting all of the women and men around her. Everyone in attendance was marching to unite, marching for the right to love and to show the administration we will not sit back and allow our rights to be taken away!

seeing a familiar face at the woman's march on washington 2017

Many who could not make the Women’s March on Washington attended sister Marches in their own cities. They happened simultaneously in big cities and small towns all over the United States and across the globe. The implications of the current political times can be felt worldwide. And the support reaches all over the world too. There has been a number of marches and protests even just locally in Philadelphia since The Woman’s March. And it is so cool that we have seen familiar faces at those too! I have used my profession and talent to help bring awareness of all the happenings, both big and small. I am a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, pet photographer, food and product photographer, corporate photographer and an activism photographer!

Other Protests

I also photographed at the Disrupt J20 Blockades and Festival of Resistance and Refugee Deportation Protest at the Philadelphia International Airport. And when Trump visited Philadelphia for the GOP retreat, you better believe we attended the Queer Dance party! We participate in any activism big or small if we are able. It is so important to stand up and be heard! If you are looking to contribute and be a part of change then make sure you follow our Facebook page! We will continue to post about any protest big or small in the Philadelphia area. And if you need help getting started in activism, comment on this blog I would be happy to help you get involved!

Photos From the Women’s March on Washington

We are the 50% The Women's march on washington protests

love trumps hate activism photography at the women's march on washington

todos somos migrantes we are all imigrants signs from women's march

protests against trump women's march on washington BG Productions

Women stand up and protest washington DC Women's march BG Productions

BG Productions activism photographer women's march on washington  elderly woman at the women's march on washington BG Productions

muslim women at the women's march on washington impeach trump

stand up for your rights women's march on washington BG Productions

league of united latin american citizens women's march on washington

photography of the women's march on washington activism photographer

women march protest in washington dc photography of women's march

Professional photographer at the women's march on washington BG Productions

Angela Davis at women's march on washington Black lives matter

united we stand women's march photography BG Productions activism photographer

black lives matter women's rights are human rights signs BG Productions

women's march on washington at the white house women protest with signs

men and women march against trump and for human rights BG Productions

You can't trump woman sign at women's march on washington protests

millions at the women's march on washington activism photographer

photos of the womans march washington dc BG Productions activist photographer

angela davis quote change things i cannot accept BG Productions photography at march

men at the women's march on washington stand together

how many people were at the women's march washington dc

women's protest washington dc at the white house BG Productions

signs against trump inauguration protests photography of activism

make america kind again signs at women's march on washington