A Philadelphia Engagement || Alyssa + Shay || Philadelphia and NY  Wedding Photographer||  BG Productions

I Love shooting Engagement Sessions. And I LOVE it even more when they are a couple in love who I already know!! I know Alyssa from when I worked at The Attic Youth Center leading their after school program. She is a KICK ASS grant writer there!! And we briefly met Shay at the Attic’s Gala Last year we we were one of the community sponsors! I was so Psyched when Alyssa said they were engaged and wanted me to do their Engagement photos! So Awesome!!! We are thrilled for the two of them and seeing them together just brings a warm smile to my face- they are so in love and it is obvious to all around them. But most of all- they just love to make each other laugh- which they did A LOT!!

They wanted their session to be about places they walk around together all the time. So it only made sense to start at their condo with a Kick Ass rooftop that can see the whole city! And while we knew we wanted to end there I also thought it was a good idea get some “before sunset” pics as well!! So we started in the courtyard at their building before heading up to the roof and inside to get some Family shots!! We then stopped by some mosaic walls they love before heading to one of their fav. spots -The Garage (a Super cool space I will definitely return to!) for a quick beer- (well a soda for me!!).

My fav. stop was the spontaneous one!! Yes the field- aka empty lot- we passed while going back to the car!! I LOVE that Shay knew right away when I passed for a moment lovingly at the field- she was like “you want us to go in there don’t you- lol!!” OF COURSE!! and See- I was sooo right!! lol!!

Thanks you both for letting me follow you around just capturing your love!! Hope it wasn’t too painful! lol!!

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