We were so thrilled to finally meet Gina and Jon in NYC last week. They booked us a couple months ago and we hadn’t had a chance to meet due to their move to the Big Apple! So Al and I head to the city for a fun filled day. After checking out a cool photo exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art we met this fun, sweet couple on the steps outside. What FUN we had. It is so cool to instantly click with folks. We find that to be the most important  part of working together. So we were thrilled to hang out with these two- it seemed like we had been friends for years (especially with our love of the Golden Girls- lol!!!). Their love is totally obvious and contagious. you just can’t help smiling and laughing when you are with these two! Cant wait for their Feb. wedding at the ultra cool Cork Factory in Lancaster!!- Just don’t go to the “diner” around the corner from the Met- unless you wanna pay $25 for a sandwich!! lol!!!