A Beautiful LGBTQ Engagement Session with Amy, Val and their son Grayson in the Lehigh Valley- BG Productions Photography & Videography

There are people who you meet and they touch your lives. Amy and Val are a couple that you cant help but feel the love! We cant wait till their 2014 wedding and had such a wonderful time capturing their love for each other and their son Grayson. We met them close to their home in the Lehigh Valley to shoot their engagement session and capture their love story on video- cant wait till that is all put together!! Watching this family together just reminds me how ridiculous it is to have to have laws that ALLOW same sex weddings! Really!!!??!! Isn’t is just enough to have love and commitment to each other regardless of each persons gender/sexual orientation? It is so sad that soooo many people feel the need to keep others down. We can only hope that soon PA will join the other 14 states that allow same sex marriage to be considered “legal”. But for now- this wont keep this couple from celebrating their love next year with a beautiful wedding!

Enjoy some of their beautiful photos and if you comment below saying which is your Favorite AND Why- they can get a FREE 8×10!! So show them LOTS of LOVE!!

And Please support Marriage Equality for EVERYONE!!


LGBTQ Wedding Photographer