While it may seem premature to be discussing wedding trends for 2016, 2015 is half way over and many couples (especially those engaged over July 4th – congratulations to all new engaged couples!) are creating plans for their big day that will take place after 2016 is upon us.  Not to mention, designers are feverishly wrapping up their design details so they are set for launch come January 2016 (strategically placed for the next surge of engagements that will take place between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve).

2016 promises to be a stunning year for weddings.  Designers have taken wedding gowns to a whole new level, creating fashion that is soft and feminine, yet still utterly sophisticated.  These gowns are a blend if feminine touches with sophisticated cuts, and seem to have everything to please both the mother and the bride!    They are trending towards less beading detail but more lace in-lays and curvy cuts to accentuate any figure.  Check out this style; the front of the gown looks like a simple straight cut, but it leads to a dramatic semi-open back, with lace covering:

WT 1

In 2015 we saw the trend of the illusion neckline continue and gain momentum, and this will continue through 2016 as well.  It will be accompanied by sleeves with illusion cuffs and illusion cuts that go past the waist, like this amazing gown:

WT 2

For brides still looking for a ballroom cut you will still be able to find them!  But they are taking the Cinderella cut up a notch by creating a super sexy top:

WT 4

We are also starting to see the use of prints on wedding gowns, specifically floral print or shimmers of green, pink or lavender (anybody see the gown that Jennie Garth got married in this past weekend?  She is ahead of her time!)

WT 5

These trends will be accompanied by florals that are sleek yet also feminine, and reception décor that is modern but with lace touches.  Stay tuned! You’ll see those blogs soon!