2016 Wedding Menu Trends || Wedding Tips and Advice

We have had some of the most stunning weddings in the past few weeks and are once again in awe of being able to do what we do (please scroll through to see our most recent couples!).  We love our clients and are so glad you become our friends!   We have also had several new client meetings and can’t believe that 2016 is almost completely booked.  To say we feel excited and blessed is an understatement.  And the wedding trends for 2016 are simply fantastic.  We’ve done a few posts about the fashion of 2016, so now, here is a post all about the food.  And it is going to be A.MA.ZING!!!
The first trend we are seeing is a focus on fresh and locally grown foods.  
With seemingly everybody trying to follow a healthier diet (Paleo, Gluten Free, The Primal Diet; they are all here and not going anywhere!), as well as many people being more cognizant of using local food sources, caterers are catching on and providing options that feature locally resourced menu items and are special diet friendly.  You will see menu’s of  locally sourced beef, fish, fresh vegetables and organic fruits.
We will also see The Tasting Menu. 
We all love cocktail hours and dessert bars because they give us the opportunity to taste several different foods and allow us a plethora of choices of things to fill up on.  Well, the main course is getting in on the fun now too.  A twist on food stations (which often were 3 to 4 different main dish selections), a tasting menu of main dishes is normally comprised of 5-7 different options, each food area offering a sampling of something that would normally be considered a main dish.  Think mini plates of 3-4 bites of steak and mashed cauliflower, small bowls of rice topped with a few scallops, or slices of eggplant topped with veggies and mozzarella.  If you are looking for something less formal, this menu style is perfect for that as well.  Think French fry station with several dipping sauces to try, mini burgers/sliders with several toppings available, or a grilled cheese station with sandwiches made with baguette bread and served with a side of tomato soup in a shot glass.  These menus are great because they can be served later on through the night; host your cocktail hour after your vows, then enjoy some time with toasts and dancing before you open these stations up.
Foods that reflect things about the couple is huge now too.  
You can work this into your cocktail hour or tasting station reception; consider a mini soup station that features New England Clam Chowder to represent ties to New England, mini-cheese steaks to show ties to Philly, a fondue station with an array of Wisconsin cheeses, fried green tomatoes or pickles to represent Southern ties, or some mini-ribs or brisket to indulge the barbecue lover.  If you are doing a dessert bar, incorporate mini desserts of your favorites; mini ice cream sundaes, chocolate chip cookies with shot glasses of milk, personal size pies or petit-fours of your favorite cake flavors.
The bar is getting in on the fun too.  In lieu of full bars, weddings are hosting wine tastings or beer flight stations.  Enjoy a sample or two of beer or wine than decide on which you want to enjoy with a full glass.  This is a great place to have fun and bring in personal touches too; have some beers from local breweries or choose a wine from a winery you and your fiancé enjoyed on a special date.
2016 is bringing in so many fun twists that we know it is going to be a fantastic year.  Share with us your ideas!