One of the Most important things to do in preparation for your Big day is to have a detailed timeline! this is especially important if you aren’t using a Wedding Planner or Day of coordinator (though we HIGHLY recommend having one!!) One of the most frustrating comments we hear on the Big day is “it’s a wedding, they Never start on time!!”  Well…Yes they do and yes they should. This doesn’t mean to have a total stress out if you are running 5 (maybe even 10 mins late)- but keep in mind- if you are late- what are you going to give up? As the photography/videography team- we are often expected to still finish at the designated time. This is especially true when we only have the cocktail hour time to shoot. This is already not enough time to spend getting all those family and bridal party shots on the Biggest day of your life so far!! Why cut it short because things are late!!?!! the list of designated pictures we decided on at the final walk through meeting isn’t going to take any less time just because things are running late! This si also one of the reasons we LOVE when couples do a first-see! Why rush through all these pictures.

*** we often find it takes more time than allotted for hair and makeup- please start this process earlier than planned!!!

Wedding Day with a First Look and a 5:00 ceremony time- Ceremony and Reception all in ONE place

11:00 – Bride/bridesmaid hair and makeup- this can certainly vary depending on how big the bridal party is

Photographers arrive 2:00 – shoot Bridal details…dress, shoes, candids with the girls while they get ready, bridesmaids in dresses, mom and bride (if the groom is getting ready in the same hotel or area- we will go get some candids of him and his guys as well)

3:15- First see (Bride and Groom Only)- then formal and fun pictures with the happy couple

3:45- Bridal Party pics and maybe immediate family pics (unless all of these are being done after the ceremony)

5:00 ceremony begins- On Time!!!

5:30 – Ceremony ends, cocktail hour begins. Finish family formals, We also like to get a few more shots of the now “OMG- we’re married” couple!!!

6:30 – reception begins with introductions

if possible and a good view we love to get some quick sunset pictures of the couple- at the least we like to do some “last shots” of the couple about 20 mins before our end time

10:00– Photographers/videographers give our best and say goodbye for the night

This is just a sample of a good timeline. Yours will certainly look different if you are having your ceremony and reception in different places- depending on travel time and if you are having a break in between the ceremony and reception to allow the optimal photo time! But again- I can not stress how important having a Planner or Day of Coordinator helping with this very important day!!!