Meet Zakai and Aiden- Adorable Twins! || Philadelphia Newborn Photographer || BG Productions Photography and Videography

You may remember Naomi and Josh from their Gorgeous Wedding we captured or Their super Adorable Maternity Session we did this past March. Well get ready to meet Zakai and Aiden!!! This is why I LOVE being a Newborn Photographer- meeting such adorable little ones! They were born premature so we had to hold off on their newborn session and then we went on vacation. So a little over a month later we FINALLY got to meet them!! While Naomi and Josh said “all they do is sleep and we have to wake them up to eat”- We knew- babies NEVER stay asleep for us!! No matter how quiet we are, how slow we move, how much white noise and warmth there is. I think it is because they know what ROCKSTARS they are and don’t want to miss a moment.  So while these two had a few “eye shutting” moments they were wide awake and we had a blast!!! We also arent into all the pinterest type super composited posing of babies. I am a lifestyle photographer and want to capture your bay, kids, family, pets just as THEY ARE!!  Even if that is wide awake or making lots of noise! lol!!


Philadelphia Newborn Photographer