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When a wedding has sock puppets, eye glass changes, and a sock “lottery” we KNOW its going to be an Amazing and Fun day!!  Add in a super cute couple, great bridal party, pretty day in NYC, and a Super COOL and beautiful venue and that makes it pretty much Perfect!! and Oh yeah- the DJ played the Violent Femmes!! WOOOWHOOO!!!

Lindsay and Jesse had had one of the best weddings Ever! They are both so sweet, and so Totally in Love with each other. They met on OK Cupid and their story had its happy ending (well actually beginning) as they said their “I Do’s” and Yes- they made me cry!!! Lindsay works for an eye glass company and has over 80 pair!! She had 4 different pair for the wedding. A black pair she wore most of the time, a red and white stripped ones for some special moments (I totally want a pair like that), an awesome pair of sunglasses for outside and the final masterpiece: a white pair attached to her veil made by Lady GaGa’s designer!!!! and Jesse is such a cool guy- a lawyer by day and a music writer by night and weekends with EXCELLENT taste in music!!

We began our day at the Marriott In Downtown Manhattan. and then went across the way to a small park after the couple’s first see. Next we headed to the Brooklyn Winery. this venue stepped up after the couple lost their previous venue ReBar due to the owner bailing with everyone’s money and shutting down! But that didn’t stop this couple from going on with all their wedding day plans. and we LOVED their new venue. Emily was super helpful and the place looked Gorgeous! and the food- OMG!!! some of the BEST wedding food we have had!

Their whole sock puppet decor was perfect. They had their invitations and the paintings done by a local Brooklyn artist and they added such a fun and whimsical element to the day! Now Al and I want our OWN sock puppets! lol!! One of our FAVS of the day was certainly the maple bourbon Rice Krispy cake their friend Johnny made! YUM!!! We are trying to get one made for this years Client Appreciation Party!

Everything was just AMAZING!! and we totally hope to shoot at the Brooklyn Winery again soon! and become a regular NY Wedding photographer! We are so excited she found us on Offbeat Bride where we are a preferred vendor!!

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