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    Al and I are down-to-earth, energetic wedding professionals! We truly LOVE what we do! We will work hard to make sure that your day is everything you planned it to be. It’s important to hire a team that you are comfortable with- you want to be able to laugh and have fun- this helps you feel more at ease and helps your pictures come out better. And we have become great friends with so many of our past clients!

    We also believe in being green and socially conscience. We will take a stand for what we believe in and live our lives working towards helping the environment and trying to make this world a better place.

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    BG Productions is proud to be a Green Company. We are listed on the Green Bride Guide. Please click here to learn more about our green practices.

Don’t Forget The Grooms Attire! || BG Productions- Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Don’t Forget The Grooms Attire! || BG Productions- Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

So often the grooms attire is one of the last things to be paid attention to.  It is understandable, the bride is consumed with decisions on gown, bridesmaid attire, flowers, music, etc., and often the grooms attire is at the bottom of the list.  However, this should not be!  The groom and all of his groomsmen will be in many many photos as well, and well fitting tuxes and suits take awhile to secure…don’t wait until 2 months prior to try to get it done!

That being said, a few things to think about when selecting the grooms attire:

Tuxes will always look nice in your photos if you stick with a classic cut and color.  If you want to match to the bridesmaids attire, make sure you either work with a tuxedo rental company that contracts with the bridesmaid gown supplier so colors actually match, or supply the fabric yourself and have the corresponding tie and cummerbund or vest made)

Fitted suits will look even better than a rented tux.  No matter how much the tux company works to fit the suit, a truly fitted suit looks great on a groom and will be tailored to move with him all day.  Stick with a black or navy, and the groom and groomsmen will wear it again (not to mention you will be doing your groomsmen a favor…it’s a fair bet they haven’t got a fitted suit in their closet, and they could all use it!)

If your wedding theme is more casual, casual attire (think khaki color suit, just button down with pants and matching jacket, or just suit pants, button down and tie) are fine. Just ask the groom and groomsmen to bring a second shirt…chances are good that sweating will occur during preceremony photos, and they will need a fresh one (and lighter jackets won’t do the job of hiding sweat stains).

Put this on the list of ‘to do’s’ fairly early in the process (I suggest right after the bride selects her gown) and both bride and groom will look stunning throughout the day!

(See the photo below – fitted suit that moves with the groom and allows him to look and feel great all day!)

Normandy Farms Wedding || Blue Bell Wedding Photographer || BG Productions Photography and Videography

Todays Wedding featured by Blue Bell Wedding Photographer  BG Productions Photography and Videography

The Rock Stars- Shawn Marie and Dan

The Location- Ceremony at  and Reception at Normandy Farms

The supporting Cast (Vendors)- -special thanks to colleen our 2nd shooter and for holding down the Always fun BG Booth, Awesome music provided by Martelle and DJ TKO Entertainment, Flowers by Schmidts Florist, and hair done by Clippers Hair Salon and makeup by Skin Deep

Favorite memories of the day-Oh soooo many!! First of all Shawn Marie look GORGEOUS!! Her dress was so stunning and the perfect gown for the day! and Dan- he looked so handsome in his Dress Uniform. I loved the whole sword ceremony- so cool!! While it was a bit windy- it was such a beautiful day out and a much needed blue sly after lots of rainy cold days lately.  and so glad they stuck with having an outdoor ceremony. though we mixed up the photos with some inside so everyone didn’t have to stay out in the chilly air too long at a time.  The Whole evening was just wonderful and this couple is the sweetest and most sincere people you would ever meet!

A very touching moment was when the wife of his BM (who stood in for her husband since he is still deployed in Afghanistan gave her toast and read a special letter to them- a lot of tears in the crowd on that one and a BIG THANKS to all our military.

We hope you enjoy the mini album photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them and editing them!! Please make sure to leave a comment saying Which Photo is your Fav and WHY!! If they get at least 10 comments that will get the most popular photo as an 8X10 gift print for FREE!! So help them out!!  To order any photos and canvas wraps please contact me at


Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Normandy Farms Wedding

Shofuso Japanese House ||Blue Bell Wedding Photographer || BG Productions Photography and Videography

  • April 8, 2014 - 9:03 am

    Dana Walker - My Favorite photo is when Dan and Shawn were walking under the arch of the service men and stop to give one another a kiss. I love it because you can see how happy they are to finally be husband and wife!

Shofuso Japanese House Wedding || Philadelphia Wedding Photographer || BG Productions Photography and Videography

Todays Wedding featured by Philadelphia Wedding Photographer BG Productions Photography and Videography

The Stars- Tuyen and Vinh (and their adorable daughters!)

The Location- Ceremony at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden and Reception at Sang Kee Duck House in Chinatown

Favorite memories of the day- Despite the cold rainy day- I loved how happy and cheerful Tuyen and Vinh were.  It was such a sweet day filled with family and close friends and lots of very adorable children. It was really cool to capture the Vietnamese Ceremony complete with a DRAGON!!!

Al and I had a wonderful time at the restaurant reception capturing memories and hanging out talking with folks. and sooooo much food!! There was even some karaoke at the end!! and I LOVED LOVED all the tule and the pink top of her second wedding dress!! So CUTE!!

 We hope you enjoy the mini album photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them and editing them!! Please make sure to leave a comment saying Which Photo is your Fav and WHY!! If they get at least 10 comments that will get the most popular photo as an 8X10 gift print for FREE!! So help them out!! and make sure to check with them in the next month or so to get their link to the full online gallery so you can see all the photos and order any you may want!!

Shofuso Japanese House Wedding, BG Productions

Shofuso Japanese House Wedding, BG Productions






Shofuso Japanese House ||Philadelphia Wedding Photographer || BG Productions Photography and Videography

The Bridal Gown Shopping Process

Priority #1 - Finding a dress that makes you feel beautiful and like a bride.

Priority #2 - Making sure this dress also allows your to breathe, move, and not end the evening with bruises…

I write this post because it is amazing how many brides forget Priority #2!!

A wedding gown is like nothing you have ever worn before, and  probably will ever wear again.  Being a bride means having the opportunity (if you choose!) to wear a gown with immense detail, beading, lace, long train, etc.  And if you are like a lot of women, you have been dreaming about it for quite some time.  So it is easy to see how so many brides get wrapped up in finding the gown that looks like the gown of their dreams, and forget to also pay attention to how it feels.  But this is a HUGE thing to consider.  You are going to be in this gown for a l-o-n-g time.  And not only are you going to be in this gown for a long time, you are going to be ACTIVE in this gown for a long time.  You are going to take photos, get in and out of vehicles, walk down aisles, stand, sit, stand again, dance, sit again, dance again, etc.  This is all difficult to do in a gown that is heavy or constricting.  And remember, you are going to be photographed while doing all of this…smiling while in a constricting, heavy gown is even more difficult.  So, some things to remember…

Make note of how heavy the gown is when you try it on.  Stand in it for awhile and see how it feels.  Walk around and see how difficult it is to navigate.  If the straps are digging in to your shoulders, imagine how that will feel after 9 hours (or in actuality, one hour).  If you have to lean forward so as to drag the train behind you, it’s probably to heavy to wear for an entire ceremony.  If you are hiking up a strapless dress several times in the span of a few minutes, again, imagine how annoying that is going to be all night long.  Ask the seamstress in the store if something can be done to more evenly distribute the weight of the dress (an inner corset can help with this a lot!) and if she says no…I hate to say it, but keep trying gowns on.  Also, ask how the train will be bustled.  See how this feels as well, as it will redistribute weight of the gown.

Make note of how the dress feels.  Again, you will be wearing this a long time and you are going to want to breathe, eat and drink comfortably.  There is SUCH a temptation to squeeze into a too-tight dress that you love (and I will be writing another post about do’s and don’ts for your wedding…buying a gown a size too small will be on the don’t list!) but again, please resist this.  Too tight means you will not be comfortable, nor able to eat or drink for the most part, and therefore at risk for passing out throughout the day.  Purchase a dress that fits you properly – I promise you, you will look more beautiful in a properly fitting gown than one that is too tight. Also, pay attention to the boning in the gown and if it pokes you, ask about how to fix it.  Put your arms down so you can feel the sides of your dress…does the beading pull or cut your arms?  If the answer is yes, see what can be done to fix it.  If nothing can fix these pokes or pulls…keep looking.

Keep these things in mind and you will end up with a beautiful gown that you will ENJOY your wedding in!  You have planned for the day for so long…don’t miss a minute of it because your gown is distracting you! See the two photos below as examples of gowns that fit brides beautifully!

These gowns fit these two brides perfectly. The bride on the left fits snugly in the strapless without pulls across the chest or belly area, and without squeezing her out of the top. The bride on the right fits comfortably in her gown; the illusion neckline lays flat, the boning through the front holds the dress but does not cut into her, and again, no pulling across the chest or belly section of the gown. Perfect!

This gown has been tailored perfectly to this bride!  She can lead forward comfortably and without the strapless cut hugging her so tight that her chest becomes constricted (the gown fits but she has room to move!) and on a side note, the blush tone is just gorgeous (don’t be afraid to add some color to your gown!).

Check out our Corporate Media Website! || Flat World Media Productions

Introducing the New Corporate Website\\ Flat World Media Productions

As many of you know we have a corporate side called Flat World Media Productions. Al actually had this company when he was in school at the Philadelphia Art Institute. While we have always done corporate work we put a lot more energy into our wedding/event side over the past couple years. So now we are running them with equal speed! We have so many Exciting things going on there! We LOVE our new highlighted service- The Video Profile and we have already completed a few and have several more in varies stages of productions.

But the MOST EXCITING thing is that we have just official released our new Flat World Media Productions Website! Thanks to the AWESOME Martelle Pitts for all his work on this site (as well as the BG Productions site). We LOVE that they really match each other in style in in a few days they will be linked via their separate splash pages!! If you are looking to redo and improve YOUR website to match your branding- then please contact us. Martelle and his web talent will be joining forces with Flat World Media Productions when web services are sought after!

You may notice that we have also Officially added the Super Cool Brian Davidson to the Flat World Team. He has always been our go-to-guy- but now it is much more Official!! We are thrilled to have him and his talents in our corner.

Also stay tuned later this Spring for the Flat World Video Profile!!!


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