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So I am seeing this trend ‘post wedding photoshoot’ more and more, and the more I see it, the more I love it.  Why did we not think of this before?!  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s fantastic – it’s a photo shoot that takes place after your wedding (obviously!), where you and your new spouse don your wedding clothes again and take photos in areas that were not accessible on your wedding day.  Parks that were too far away or off limits during the timing of your wedding, areas that were too far apart to travel to, or maybe the weather did not cooperate on your wedding day so you didn’t get to do the outdoor photos you wanted; at the post-wedding photo shoot, all of these things are now possible. There is so much I love about this that I could go on and on, but here are some of my favorites:
  • As I said before, it allows you to travel to places you could not on your wedding day (the place of your first date, your first kiss, where you got engaged – all accessible now)
  • You won’t have to rush! No reception to get to on time or a bridal party who is waiting for you to wrap up.  It’s all just about you and your new spouse.
  • If you are the bride, you get to wear your gown again! (think about it. You took days to select the gown, hours making sure it fit just right; it deserves to be worn more than once!)
  • And…since the wedding is done, you don’t have to be as careful with the gown.  I’m not saying that you will want to roll around in the dirt with it on, however a walk through a baseball field, down a back road, etc. won’t be as nerve wracking, since you know you don’t have to head to a reception afterwards where you want a clean(ish) train
  • You can travel to see people who may not have been on your guest list on the day of the wedding, but who would love to see you in your wedding clothes.  One shoot I saw done in a hospital; the bride had gone through cancer treatments when she was 18, and became close to many of the hospital staff.  She couldn’t invite EVERYBODY to her wedding, so a month afterwards (and she now age 25) , she put on her dress again and went back to the unit with her new husband. The nurses and doctors LOVED seeing her healthy, happy, and full of joy.
  • You can do things you may not have dared to do on your wedding day.  Love to bike?  Skateboard?  Head to your favorite park or trail and have at it!  You wouldn’t dare do it on your actual wedding day (helmets are rough on a hair do, and an accident would really mess up your reception plans!) but on a post photoshoot, why not?

The only ‘drawback’ to this is that no, these photos are not taken on your actual wedding day.  But you will have plenty of those as well.  These are wonderful additions to your photo memories, and the way I see it, could feel like an extension of your wedding.  In fact, one bride did just that at her post wedding photoshoot.  She scheduled it for their 2 month anniversary, and surprised her groom with some new words of love as they took pictures on the bench where he proposed.  She told him that she wanted to do this post wedding photoshoot because in all of the fanfare of their big wedding, (because lets face it, things can get out of control when it comes to a wedding), she felt their wedding had become about everybody else, and she wanted a time that was going to be just about them.  Make me melt.

So yes, I love this idea.

It rained on this couples wedding day, so they couldn’t do this then. Post Wedding Photoshoot time! And look how relaxed they are – no worries about rushing to a reception here!

Yippee!!! I love getting contacted by editors of wedding site and blogs t feature my work!! Wedding Wire is a HUGE wedding resource and so I was even more thrilled when they contacted me to feature Val and amy as well as Nicole and Dan’s weddings. (Stay tuned for the feature on Nicole and Dan!!)

So enjoy this Awesome Possum wedding feature!!

Philadelphia Same Sex Wedding Photographer

I heard this discussion at work yesterday, and I thought ‘how perfect! Next blog post, this is it!’  The sticky situation? 7 bridesmaids, all with different styles; how to make them look cohesive on the wedding day?

Personally, I enjoy a little diversity in a bridal party.  Just because they are all one party doesn’t mean they need to look like they came down a conveyor belt or like a parade of carbon copies.  However, if you have a bridesmaid whose style is normally goth, another whose style is normally sheer vogue glamour, and another who takes her style tips from Marilyn Monroe (who I am not knocking by the way, I think she is gorgeous!) you may need to have a discussion about make-up and neckline expectations for the big day (especially if your officiant or ceremony location leans towards a more conservative appearance).  So, what to do?  Start here:

Have everybody have their make-up done by a stylist you hire.  Welcome your bridesmaids to punch it up with a set of false eyelashes or some deeper lipstick, but everybody will have the same general pallet which will create a nice cohesive look.

Give an accessory as your gift.  You can have variation here while keeping to a ‘theme.’ Think a pair of simple pearl earrings for your more conservative bridesmaid, a longer more 40′s style pearl necklace for your more Marilyn bridesmaid.  Or, give everybody a scarf and they can accessorize how they like with however they tie it (full drape over the shoulders for one, single wrap around the neck for another).

Allow for some variation in the dress. The trend of picking one or two colors and a length but letting the girl choose the gown is a becoming the norm and for good reason – it allows everybody to choose a cut that flatters them.  J. Crew has a GREAT line of bridesmaids dresses that won’t break a bridesmaids bank and, even better, the line ‘you’ll wear it again’ actually applies!  Take a look:

And, take a look at this photo from one our fabulous past couples.  The bridal party looks like one party, but with little variations in dress cut and hair style, each bridesmaids personal style still shines through. Still formal, totally fun, and utterly fabulous. Well done!

BG Productions- lindsay and jesse-162

In all wedding planning, some sticky situation must fall.  Ask any married couple and I am sure they will have one or 2 (or more!) stories about some situation in their planning that caused tension, arguing (or even worse…awkward silence…). So, I’m dedicating a few posts to how to handle some typical sticky situations that can arise:

Dilemma 1: We are having a destination wedding so we have a much shorter guest list. My mother/sister/soon to be in-laws still want to celebrate with people and want to invite these people to the shower. Is this OK?

In a word, no.  Even though people generally understand being left off the guest list due to the wedding being a intimate and traveling affair, the rule still stands that you only send invitations to the shower to those who are invited to the wedding.  However, this does not mean you cannot give everybody a chance to celebrate your engagement with you.  Instead of a shower invitation, throw an engagement party, where etiquette still says all can be invited.  Or, after you return home, throw a casual party in your hometown, inviting everybody to celebrate with you, and show off your gorgeous photos.  You can do formal invitations or simple email/e-vite blasts.  Do not include any registry information; this is a celebration, not an obligation for a gift (though you will probably find some gifts will arrive. Enjoy them! And enjoy every minute of your second celebration – how wonderful to get to have TWO!!)

Dilemma 2: My mother continues to press her ideas, and because she is paying for a good portion of the wedding insists she gets to have what she wants. I don’t like what she is suggesting. Help!

This could be one of the stickiest of situations, as the mother has a point here. It’s her dime, so she gets to have a voice. However, she does not get to have the only voice.  My suggestion – let in a little negotiation and it will take you a long way.  Focus on a few things that she wants (certain flowers, a centerpiece, a cake design, a transportation car) and give her her way on those.  Better yet, feign a little excitement and show appreciation for it.  If you give her a little wiggle room and give her the cake she wants, every time another issue comes up you can fend it off with a ‘…hmm, let me think about that…but again, I LOVE the cake and am so happy you helped me choose it!’  It goes a lot further than you think.  If you absolutely cannot stand something that she wants (she has a complete different opinion of what you should choose for your gown, for example), gently state that it is not your style and you understand if she does not want to pay for it, and find a way to pay for it yourself.

Dilemma 3: I have 5 close girlfriends, and my soon to be spouse has 5 sisters OR, he/she has 3 sisters, I am only close to one. Who do I have to ask to be in my bridal party? Is it wrong to leave some people out?

You have to weigh out what the ‘fall out’ will be in leaving some people out.  If your soon to be spouse does not feel strongly about all of his sisters being included, ask those who are close to you to stand beside you, and give jobs to the others (guest book attendant, a reading during the ceremony, etc.).  If your soon to be spouse would like them to be a part of the wedding, and/or there will be hurt feelings or grudges held (remember, this will soon be your family too!) it may be best to ask them to be a part of the wedding.  Already have 8 bridesmaids and can’t squeeze in another?  Ask them to dress in a complimentary color, enter just before the parents enter in the ceremony (escorted either by their significant other or by another family member) and take a seat in the front row.  Give them a corsage and another role to play (again, readings work well for this!). Or, if they have a talent or skill that can be used on your big day (a beautiful singing voice, can make a gorgeous bouquet or beautiful cake) ask them to be a part this way, and mention them in your program.

Have a sticky situation you are facing? Let us know!  We love to help. Or, if you had a situation and handled it, let us know what you did!


I love when I find fun wedding items that aren’t your ‘typical’ finds but still say wedding.  Being able to give an original gift to a soon to be wed couple, or finding something to make a wedding more unique is just plain fun. For this blog post, I set out to find some new and fun things to share with you that aren’t what you normally see…and I found such cool things! Check these out!

You finally get that gorgeous ring on your finger and you never want to take it off. But weights at the gym, sporting activities, job hazards, etc. make it risky to keep it on.  The answer – this cool little ring cozy! The ultimate protector so you never have take that beautiful bling off (and worry about it falling to the bottom of your purse and never being found…or other horrible things that go through your head when you have to take your ring off…) -

Ring Cozy, your partner in crime for protecting your ring while keeping it on and staying active. For engagement rings, wedding rings, bands, working out at the gym, playing outdoors.

Bridesmaids and/or family members – want to provide the bride with her ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.’? Do it with this! An absolutely charming presentation that takes a gorgeous picture and can be used time and time again (could become a tradition to utilize among friends and family too – how cool!)

Available on etsy (another site I am now addicted to)

Something Blue Wedding Gift Boxes - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Looking for a unique gift for the couple?  I LOVE this idea – an Anniversary journal! With pages designated for every anniversary, from the 1st to the 50th, it allows couples to capture how they celebrated each year and the special moments that year of marriage brought.  It also includes a section called “Advice and Wisdom” which can be either be words written by the couple each year about things they learned, OR, use it during their engagement party or wedding for other couples to write their words of advice and well wishes.  All around, a beautiful gift and keepsake. Give it a look:

Is your wedding creating a blended family, or do you know a blended family in the making?  Make that statement paramount on the big day with a specially created cake topper!  A cake topper made of figurines of all family members, pets too!  (another creation available on etsy -

 Custom  Family Wedding Cake Topper- Two Adults, Four Children, and Love Sign

 Or, if you want something a bit simpler of a wedding cake topper, I love this too (can be used for couples or newly created families! I think it would look great added to the cake topper above too…)

You spend hours selecting your cake, only to cut into it and then…it’s gone.  Create a keepsake that can be displayed anywhere in this sweet ornament specially created through Aberrant Ornaments – just send them a few photos, and they will sculpt a replica that you can enjoy for years!  Learn more at either or via one of our other favorite sites, OffBeat Bride -

Know of any other fun wedding gifts or gadgets that are a step away from the norm?  Please comment below! We love the ‘just off the ordinary’ things!

  • July 14, 2014 - 2:30 pm

    Vicki G - We put personalized cornhole bags with one team as mr. McKenna and the other as mrs. McKenna on our gift registry so we can use them at the wedding! :)

  • July 15, 2014 - 6:24 pm

    Stacey - Cool idea! Can’t wait to see pictures!!

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