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    Al and I are down-to-earth, energetic wedding professionals! We truly LOVE what we do! We will work hard to make sure that your day is everything you planned it to be. It’s important to hire a team that you are comfortable with- you want to be able to laugh and have fun- this helps you feel more at ease and helps your pictures come out better. And we have become great friends with so many of our past clients!

    We also believe in being green and socially conscience. We will take a stand for what we believe in and live our lives working towards helping the environment and trying to make this world a better place.

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If you are a bride who has been envisioning your wedding day since you were little (you played dress up in princess gowns, made make-shift veils out of lace curtains and bouquets out of dandelions) you have probably been looking forward to trying on gowns ever since you said yes and set the date.  Visions of trying on beautiful gown after beautiful gown fill your dreams and you picture your friends and family oohing and aahing every time you emerge from the dressing room. That’s exactly how it will go, right?

Not always.

The many bridal boutique shows have shown us that trying on gowns is not always a smooth and fun experience (if you’ve ever wondered if the Say Yes To The Dress episodes were staged, because you can’t believe people would behave that way let me assure you, they are not!).  Different styles, opinions and personal visions for your wedding attire from your mother/sister/friends/soon-to-be in-laws are offered way too readily (and sometimes brutally), turning the experience from fun fairy tale to hurt feelings and empty hands.  But you still want to try on gowns, get opinions, and share this experience with loved ones, right? Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  •  Don’t take too many people.  While you may want to include everybody, limit those you invite.  Too many people generally equals too many opinions (it is rare for everybody to love the same cut, material, design and veil choice) and you will most likely become overwhelmed.  Keep your first trip to 2-3 people, preferably people who will let you know the truth about things but who also know how to deliver it in a kind manner.  Hit one or two shops and see what cuts you like (and don’t like!) and take into account the opinions of those you bring, but don’t let their voices drown out your own.  YOU are the one wearing the gown and who has to feel beautiful in it.
  • If you fall in love with a gown on this first trip and you are sure it is the one, get it!  Those who were not a part of this trip can be included in other things (you will have multiple fittings, and will also need to pick out shoes, jewelry, veil, etc.)
  • If you do not fall in love with a gown and will need other shopping days, be sure to take note of the things you did like; certain fabrics, certain cuts, designers and details (knowing if you like or do not like lace or rhinestones will be extremely helpful when looking at gowns in future trips!) and set another day.  Friends who behaved well on this first trip are invited again, those who did not, stay home.  It’s that simple. And if you need an excuse, tell them that you loved them coming with on this first trip, but now you need to include somebody else who was left out of this first excursion.
  • If you are really concerned about the flood of opinions you are going to get, make your first trip out a solo trip.  Find gowns that you love and would consider, and have your consultant note them.  This sounds funny but trust me, it’s not.  When I was a bridal consultant I LOVED it when brides came in alone.  I got to completely focus on them and what they wanted and felt beautiful in.  It also gave them time to tell me about the entourage they were planning on bringing in the next time, so we could strategize; I would be forewarned about any strong opinions walking in and create a plan to diffuse any tense situations that could arise.  If the bride was going to pretend she had not come in previously, I would completely go along with that and act like this was the first time we were meeting. It really made for a good experience for all involved.

As always, remember to enjoy your planning and the magic that this time is!  You’re getting MARRIED!!

BG Productions-ali and mark-148

Ok – one last fall ideas post…and even with this third post, I am barely scratching the surface with the things you can do!  Fall opens up so many options so these are still just a few ways to get creative and have fun with this gorgeous time of year.

I loved the aisle decor in my last post; the vases sitting atop cut logs lining the aisle was just so pretty.  It got me to thinking about other ways to incorporate rustic logs or cut wood into your decor, and check this out!  A gorgeous wedding cake look instantly elegant yet rustic sitting atop a piece of cut wood:

wood slice for cake stand

Or how about this chalkboard sign? (which is a super easy DIY project…grab some chalkboard paint at a nearby craft store, tape off a border and make sure the surface is smooth. Two coats of paint, you’ll have this!):

eighteen25: wood plank chalkboard Cute for the Thanksgiving table!

If you really want to go fall themed, trade that cake out for a wedding pie.  Stacked up on these tiers with a topper still says wedding, while the look is completely unique and fun. Just make sure you feed each other with a slice of the apple pie, as blueberry or strawberry could drop easily and leave a stain on a dress!

BG Blog Wedding Pie

If you are doing the dessert bar as I posted about before, how about accenting it with a few personalized cookies?  Leaf, pumpkin or chestnut shaped cookies imprinted with the new couples initials or wedding date are a sweet and elegant touch.  You could do all of your cookies this way, or have a dozen or so made and scatter them through out the table:

BG Fall C4

Don’t forget your attire! You can totally incorporate fall accents into your gown or headpiece. I have fallen in love with this headpiece here (another etsy find! Not overpowering but still absolutely gorgeous, and the gold tone looks beautiful next to an ivory or champagne gown (you could even order some extra gold leaf pieces and have them wired into your bouquet):

Bridal headpiece, garland in whimsical style with velvet leaves and floral detail. Accessory for a bride.

Ok…that’s it on the fall ideas (until next year anyway!).  Enjoy your planning and this gorgeous time of year!




Bartram’s Garden Wedding || Ali + Mark || Philadelphia Wedding Photography for Unique Couples || BG Productions Photography + Videography

I think most people know that Al and I have a VERY soft spot when it comes to shooting weddings at Bartram’s Garden- If you don’t know- it is where we say “I Do” 7 years ago!! And it is still one of our favorite places in the city!! WE get so excited every time we book a wedding there and each time it is a new, fresh, lovely experience!!

This past Saturday (Sept. 6, 2014) was just Awesome!! Despite a late start due to a late limo driver- we quickly were able to get back on track because Ali and Mark were so Amazing to work with! Our day started with Ali and her bridesmaids getting ready at her parents house in Narberth! Her dress was stunning and we got to capture her and her other love- Mona, their dog!! She even had a special flower “collar” made for the occasion! After getting Ali dressed and capturing all the moments and details we head to the Inn at Penn to get Mark and the guys!! Mark was the Perfect groom!! He had everything all laid out for us- and all the different ties were even cooly displayed on the table just waiting for me to take their picture!! All the grooms man were super friendly and fun- but the ring bearer stole the show! We quickly dubbed him “the fish man” because he had a 2lb bag of swedish fish and I LOVE those!! and he shared!!!

We departed the hotel to get ready for their first see in private before beginning some photos with just them and their bridal party and even got all the parent shots in before the ceremony!! The ceremony was officiated by their aunt and was even able to get finished before the skies opened up and the rain came (actually started towards the end of the cocktail party so folks could enjoy the garden for a bit)

Everything at the reception was perfect with the guidance of Joelene from In Your Shoes Event Design and Mike from Diverse Catering. The flowers for the couple and bridal party were from one of our FAVS, Love n’ Fresh Farms and the table flowers were from Triple Tree Farms which Mark picked up from the Farmers Market in Clark Park before the day began.

Their DJ was a friend who has his own company, JBM events and the bride and her girls hair makeup and hair were perfectly done by Bella Angle Bridal Hair and Makeup and ceremony music by Driftwood Duet and Strings!!

We are SOOOO thrilled we got to capture such an Awesome couple and wedding and work with Great vendors!!

and make sure to leave a comment on the blog saying your Fav. photo and WHY and help them win a FREE 8×10 of the most popular! Also feel free to tag and share, just don’t crop or alter the photos. and if you like the photos please make sure to become a fan of BG Productions by liking our page and contact us to capture your Special moments!


  • September 9, 2014 - 12:51 pm

    Gabrielle - #42 needs to be framed: love and happiness all over their faces! :)

Since my last post on fall wedding trends, I have been obsessing about fall details. There is just so much you can do!  Different options, dessert ideas, the possibilities are endless.  Have I mentioned that I love fall?

People often panic, wondering if their floral options are going to be limited due to the change in season. While florals typically found in summer months will be more expensive due to having to be brought in from warmer climates, fall opens up a whole new box of options for bouquets , boutonnieres and centerpieces!  Check these out:

This bouquet doesn’t have any flowers at all and looks fairly rustic, but still elegant and sophisticated. It would look beautiful next to a burnt orange bridesmaids dress, a deep burgundy, deep yellow or even plum.  The boutonniere to match is perfect (though will be difficult to pin – if you choose this route ask your florist to make this a magnet latch):

BG Fall C1

For centerpieces, a simple arrangement of nuts and candles looks beautiful.  This is just one option for arranging them:

BG Fall C2

If you prefer florals, you still have a ton of options.  I love the look of deep yellow daisies accented with other smaller flowers. The aisle decor here is perfect – vases of flowers placed on cut wood are simple yet still elegant (and added bonus, these vases can be moved once the ceremony is over and do double-duty as either table centerpieces, cocktail table accents, guest book table decor, etc!):

BG Fall C5

Anybody else out there a sucker for pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING? I can’t get enough.  With mini-dessert bars still all the rage at weddings, how about incorporating some pumpkin flavored whoopie pies? Not only are they delicious, they take a great picture and add a charming touch (and are available through Sweet Talk Bakery right in Norristown!)

BG Fall C6

Ever hear of pumpkin trifle?  How about in a mason jar?  Rustic, simple, elegant, and delicious, this could be served on your dessert bar or be given as a parting favor (or both!). You could even personalize the mason jar with you and your new spouses name and wedding date.

BG Fall C3

Everybody enjoy the cooling weather and start of this fabulous season! I’m sure this won’t be my last post about fall fun.  And then…holiday magic!  This is a great time of year – be sure to enjoy it!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday Charlie Jones ||Philadelphia Family Photographer || BG Productions

We just love this little love bug! We first fell in love with her when we captured her Christening and it is so Awesome to see how she has grown. She has such a sweet personality and I swear she MUST speak DOG!! and how cute are these two pups!! Lauren and Jack were pretty sweet too! lol!! We totally appreciate that they keep coming back to us to capture all these great life moments!!

After hanging around outside for a bit capturing her with my 70-200 (we hung back so she could get used to us) we moved inside for a yummy and pretty pink cake. She wasted no time getting right in there!! this little needed NO help!!

And Please leave a comment saying your favorite photo and WHY and if they get at least 10 comments they will get the most popular one as a FREE 8×10 gift print! So show them some love and help them out!!

philadelphia family photogragher

  • September 5, 2014 - 9:53 pm

    Dawn Balduf - 7 and 34 are my favs…although hard choice. Great pics! Love her expression in both of these! Beautiful family and I love them bunches!


  • September 6, 2014 - 4:21 am

    Diane Browell - My favorite pic is #42. Jack and Lauren Jones are so relaxed and happy. Charlie looks so precious. It’s a very natural picture that shows the love and spirit of this beautiful family pic.

  • September 7, 2014 - 8:15 am

    Stacey - Oh my gosh they are all so cute! #5 kills me just because her little baby toes are awesome. #33 is priceless. What a beautiful family!

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