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    Al and I are down-to-earth, energetic wedding professionals! We truly LOVE what we do! We will work hard to make sure that your day is everything you planned it to be. It’s important to hire a team that you are comfortable with- you want to be able to laugh and have fun- this helps you feel more at ease and helps your pictures come out better. And we have become great friends with so many of our past clients!

    We also believe in being green and socially conscience. We will take a stand for what we believe in and live our lives working towards helping the environment and trying to make this world a better place.

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This has become one of the bigger questions in planning lately, as many brides try to save money to either put toward other wedding expenses, honeymoon, or keep in the bank for other expenses (remember, you will have bills AFTER the wedding! lol).  While there are a ton of ways to save money on your gown, some are definitely better than others (and still ensure that you get a beautiful gown).

Online resources are fantastic, ( hasn’t become one of the biggest wedding sites by accident), but before you purchase that gown that you have fallen in love with in a magazine, head to a gown shop and try it on first.  I’ve known too many brides who fell in love with a photo and simply ordered the gown, only to find that the material was not what they expected, the color was off, the lace was itchy, or the cut did not fit their frame.  Try a few other gowns on while you are there as well, just to make sure you are in the most flattering cut and feel comfortable.  Once you know you have found the gown you want, head to and give a search!  You can search by street size, designer and price, and even email the seller any questions you have.  It’s one of the more reliable resale sites out there (and several brides I worked with had huge success finding their gowns here!).

Can’t find the gown you want there?  Let ebay be your next stop.  Search again by size, designer and price, and see what comes up.  Be sure to check the reputation of the seller and where your gown will be coming from (if you find the gown you love, but it’s coming from China, it could take up to 3 months to get to you.  Be sure that leaves you enough time to get things altered appropriately).

Craigslist has become a brides best friend as well. Search for the designer in cities nearby, you will actually be able to try on the gown. (While you’re on craigslist, give a look for other wedding related items as well.  Extra favors, signs, decor, centerpieces, and stationery is often times found there as well).

And don’t forget consignment shops!  Consignment shops get a slew of new, yes NEW gowns (from boutiques clearing out inventory) as well as gowns from new brides and are a great place to find your dream gown for a nicer price.  Take a bridesmaid and mother of the wedding with you too, as these shops often have a slew for them to look at and try on as well!  Consignment shops are a great place to find your other accessories as well, even if you find your gown in another place.  Think about it: you get a veil for $50 that normally costs $130, a pair of shoes for $40 that normally cost $100, a jewelry set for $50 that normally costs $160, you’ve just saved $250.  Little saves here and there really add up and can make a huge difference.

Another idea (and I love this idea too!) is wearing a family gown.  If it’s not exactly your style but the fabric is in good shape, you can find a great tailor/designer who can revamp the cut and design and give you an heirloom gown that will have a more modern and ‘you’ look.  With short dresses becoming more and more popular this option is more and more feasible.  I’ve seen 1970′s gowns turned into sleek and sophisticated dresses that make guests swoon.  (If you are thinking about this option, you MUST visit Janice Martin Couture in Ardmore. She is a master of this!)

Take a look at all of your options and enjoy the process!  When else are you going to get to try on beautiful gown after beautiful gown?!

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And quick on the heels of our Etsy blog post, is the news that a past client of BG Productions has opened her own Etsy store!

Thanks for writing about it and sharing your talents with us!

“Making Things”

 For as long as I can remember, I’ve made things. Artsy, crafty, creative, “DIYer”–call it what you want. I call it “making things.” Sure, I can buy a roll of store bought paper dappled with pink little flowers and bunnies to wrap my niece’s first birthday presents in, but I rather spend hours hand-painting pastel zoo animals complete with matching coiled colored ribbons painstakingly hot glued on brown butcher paper all to be ripped to shreds in 2 seconds just because…because it looks cute? Cue my frantic mother yelling, “Save the paper! Save the paper!” and my usual reply, “Who cares? Rip it open!” Of course it looks cute. Of course the crowded room of party-goers oogled over it. Of course I love my niece and want things to be special for her. But really, I just needed an outlet to make something. Selfish, I know, but I just like making things.

Growing up, school projects gave me a reason to make things. Seriously, why write a report on the sinking of the Titanic when you can construct a miniature version of the ship using a shoebox, construction paper and toilet paper tubes, all complete with a teeny hand-painted toothpick guard rail and paper life boats? Mine had enough on board to save all the passengers. 

Drawings, paintings, sculptures, cards, hair accessories, jewelry, specially-designed wrapping paper and boxes, hand-made gifts, invitations, mixed media photo gifts, frames, scrapbooks, candles, scarves, signs. I can’t even remember all the “things.” When I was 5, I made my Dad a stuffed Vidalia onion out of white felt, green ribbon and cotton balls for Christmas. He loves onions. This is has been a lifetime of making things.

Home ownership has brought on a whole new onslaught of trying to make creative ideas a reality. Combine that with a love of all things old, vintage, antique and you’ve got the perfect storm of thing-making. Old shutter headboard for my bed–check! Mason jar pennant lights for the breakfast bar–check! Old window memo and chalkboard repurposed for the office–check! I’m just getting started.

So naturally, when my husband and I were preparing for our backyard wedding last year, every idea we envisioned was a chance for me to make something. Table runners, center pieces, table number flags, card box, signs, chalkboard menus, old door alter, bridesmaids hair pieces, groomsmen boutineers, look-a-like cake toppers. My wedding was like the “Thing-Making Olympics” for me. Since then, I’ve gotten tons of inquires about all of my hand-made things, captured and shared through the amazingly talented lens of Cat and Al of BG Productions and social media.

When it was all over, I was a thing-making fiend looking for my next hit. Luckily, I had a few friends’ wedding showers and subsequent weddings to satisfy my addiction to making things. I’d stealthily wait for them to say something like, “I wish I was a creative, so I could make a _[insert a hand-made-thing here]_ for my wedding.” The thing-making junkie inside me itching to get out, cooly replied, “You are creative! But I’ll do it if you want. It’s no big deal.” What I’ve figured out is, other people don’t like making things as much as they want things made for them.

Good Girl Ink ( is just an idea. A chance for me to create. Right now, it’s just a reason for me to make things. And those things at the moment happen to be personalized cake toppers. Just because “things” are too broad to sell on Etsy.

Personalized Cake Topper

I can remember when I first heard about  It was a ‘small, online marketplace where individuals could set up their own store.’  It sounded a little far fetched for me.  I mean, how many people were going to be able to set up their own online store, and draw enough attention to it to make enough money from it?

Well, the internet once again proved me wrong.  Following in the footsteps of craigslist and ebay, etsy is now one of the largest and most successful internet shopping sites, and for good reason.  You can find everything on it!  And not just run of the mill, ordinary things. Hand made jewelry, stationery, wrapping paper, home decor, it’s all there.

So why is etsy making it to a blog post on a photography/videography website?  Because many many brides are finding the unique items they are looking for for their big day on it.  We have talked about how nowadays, with nothing off limits when it comes to wedding decor, dress and themes, brides and grooms have carte blanche to be as creative as they choose.  And etsy is like a club for the creative!  I am AMAZED at the gorgeous things I have found.  Take a look at a few of these items:

Not into a conventional wedding band? How pretty is this!

Pearl & Leaf 925 Sterling Silver stacking ring

Find it here:

How about this guest book?! (know anybody getting married at the Philadelphia Free Library?)

Personalized Wedding Guest Book Alternative, Book Lovers, Custom Made, 11"x14", Library Wall Art Poster, 50 - 100 guests

Find it here:

Skipping a veil and want a simple headpiece?  Etsy has a HUGE selection. Take a look at this one (and, note the price! Not to mention, the ability to contact the store owner and have one custom made for you!)

Bridal Headband Rhinestone Headpiece Ribbon in White Ivory Gray or Black the KATHI Crystal Silver Beaded Applique Ships now L Wilson Fashion

Find it here:

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  Poke around and have some fun!  AND, one of BG Productions past brides is now an etsy store owner! We will be sharing a blog post from her soon, and highlighting some of her gorgeous items.

Happy Planning!


Philly Engagement || Jennifer and Bob || BG Productions Photography & Videography

WOW!  Talk about a Gorgeous couple and together they are totally HOT!! Meet Jennifer and Bob! One Awesome BG Couple!! We hadn’t gotten the chance to meet Bob at the consultation meeting but given how sweet Jennifer was- we knew we were gonna like him just as much!!

We started our Philly engagement session by stopping by one of Jennifer’s favorite murals- she said she was always walking past this and just loved all the colors! We couldn’t agree more- what a perfect back drop to capture this adorable and sweet couple. Next we ventured over to my favorite alley in Philly- no not the famous, historical Elfreth’s Alley but the super cool one across the street with all the distressed looking buildings!! and boy did that look really suit them- they were just Killing it there! lol!!

We ended our day at the Race Street Pier and the area around that before calling it a day!! We cant wait for their September wedding at The Anthony Wayne House and to work with Rachel from Creative Eventology

Philadelphia Engagement Session

I will admit, when I started writing a series on ‘Sticky Situations’ in wedding planning, I wasn’t sure how long it could go on. I was a bit fearful I would run out of material.  Ha!  The situations and stressors keep presenting themselves, and I am once again finding plenty to put into a blog post.  It makes me feel badly for all who are engaged and are finding themselves juggling these things instead of enjoying the engagement. So, read below, and if you are experiencing some of this, heed the advice…and get back to being excited about being engaged!

Sticky situation 1:

I have family and friends scattered around the globe.  People would like to throw me showers in multiple places.  Is this OK?

This is absolutely OK! In today’s world, family and friends can live far distances, and it is not uncommon for wedding to be in Philadelphia, but family in your hometown of Baltimore want to throw you a shower there, along with soon to be in-laws in Dallas.   Communicate with the host/hostess that you would prefer for people invited to one shower to not be invited to another (your work friends in Philadelphia do not need to be invited to the hometown or Dallas shower) and try to coordinate dates that will work for you travel wise, but otherwise, this should be a no-stress situation. Enjoy the celebrating!

Sticky situation 2:

Everybody has an opinion! I’ve heard more quotes on etiquette, family tradition, and sentences that start with, ‘I think you should…’ than I ever thought possible.

Ah, yes.  Opinion flood gates can swing wide open once an engagement is announced.  My best advice is to politely listen, and even consider (or pretend to consider) some things.  Etiquette says that your father must walk you down the aisle? Actually, it doesn’t.  Any loved one that you are close to is welcome to walk you down the aisle, or you are free to walk down on your own.  Family tradition says you need to wear your soon to be mother in laws gown, but you hate it?  State that in your family, tradition states that you wear a gown of your choosing, but you would love to display the gown at the  reception, and even show photos of weddings where it was worn.  Your sister thinks you should have her husband in the wedding party, but neither you or your fiance are close to him?  Explain that you have a different need for him that day, and stick him in a role somewhere (guest book, reading, whatever works!).

Sticky situation 3:

I’m sick of talking about my wedding.  I am excited about it, but every day I am asked how the planning is going, what I am doing next, etc.  It’s overwhelming, and in all honesty, can get annoying! Has everybody forgotten that I just got a promotion/am buying a house/have other things going on? When did I turn into just ‘a bride/groom to be’?

I put this in here because I feel like this question never gets the attention it is due.  So often when somebody gets engaged it becomes the only thing anybody else focuses on, and other things get over looked.  I had many brides and grooms get promotions, buy new houses, graduate from college etc., but this never got the proper congratulations or kudos because the only thing anybody could talk to them about was their engagement.  First, know that people are probably not doing this intentionally.  They are excited for you and probably genuinely want to know how things are going with your planning because they are assuming this is where your mind is as well.  Politely reply, ‘Planning is going well! Truthfully I’ve been so focused on buying the house/relieved that I graduated/focused on the promotion that the wedding isn’t the first thing on my mind right now.’  They will get the hint, and probably turn the focus on the conversation in that direction.

Happy planning!

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