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Al and Cat are energetic, but down-to-earth wedding professionals. You’ll find Cat on the floor at some point (and on a chair if it’s allowed by the venue). Al can be seen with his video camera high overhead on the dance floor and using his glide cam for all those really smooth shots. Each member of the BG team is chosen specifically for their positive attitude — in conjunction with strong commitment and ability to make your photos and videos the highest quality. The final result of all this hard work is artistic imagery that captures your love and your style. The focus isn’t on stiff, posed shots, but instead our experienced photographers will work with you to get your best shot… and have fun doing it!

Award Winning, Inventive, Fun-Loving, Passionate





At BG Productions we believe your photos and video are an Investment that will last a lifetime. We give you the options to customize any combination you like, or create something of your own. We look at exactly what you need, how long you need us, and what kind of a final product we produce.



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We can not say enough wonderful things about Cat and Al! Many of my dearest friends had horror stories of not having any pictures after paying hundreds of dollars on a photographer, so when my fiance' and I went looking for someone to capture our memories- boy did we hunt! Afterall, the pictures and videography are really the only things that you get to keep forever from your wedding day! We were so lucky to find BG Productions. Cat and Al are FANTASTIC. They don't just capture those pose and snap kind of pictures (though if that is what you are looking for, they can do that for you). They capture geninuine in-the-moment- pictures that have you looking back and falling in love all over again. Not only do they provide fantastic pictures and videography, but they give you the experience, art, and absolute authentic joy. We invested in more than just beautiful photos from BG Productions. We received the gift of friendship, ease in our planning journey, and works of art that we can never place a value on- what a blessing. Best. Decision. Ever.

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My husband and I got married in July. We were beyond happy with making the decision to become part of the BG Team! Cat, Al, Stacy and Matt went above and beyond to make our day special! When you hire the BG Team they are there for you in every way imaginable! They did whatever was needed to make our day run smoothly, even if it meant wiping my legs down to keep me cool on the hottest day of the year. They go above and beyond and do way more than what is in their contract. The team truly captures action shots and will do anything and everything to make you happy. My husband and I found our photographers for life!!! Choosing them was the BEST DECISION!

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Cathie and Al are AMAZING. My wedding was 2 weeks ago and BG Productions (Cathie, Al, Melanie, and Greg) were there to capture every perfect moment. From the second they arrived at my parents' house that morning, they contributed to the wonderful atmosphere. They were fun, calming, and helpful, yet wonderfully assertive. They did an amazing job of KINDLY directing everyone all day. They were never rude or pushy, but made it clear that they took their job very seriously. Their creativity is infectious. In the last two weeks, I've been able to view sneak peeks of my wedding pictures via Facebook, Instagram, and even a thoughtful blog post! My entire family has done nothing but talk about how beautiful these pictures are since they've been posted. We are so grateful for everything BG Productions has done for us. THANK YOU CATHIE AND AL!

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BG WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST....Everything we could want and need they tried to provide and DELIVERED.... 1st - We wanted to do something fun for our SAVE THE DATE and it ended up being a DRONE filled City view of Philadelphia detailing a Full Day of us from our home in Manayunk, to the Art Museum steps, outfit changes, South St., Dinner and Drinks and City Hall....Our Family and Friends thought it was the most anticipated Wedding event to attend just based on how we set the bar high with such a fun announcement of our wedding 2nd - They went overboard to include us in the planning...experience that they've had in other weddings (What to do, what to try and avoid)...More importantly, they listened to us and applied our energy, thoughts and plans to their plans...and how to best put together a great event... 3rd - They are our friends...We ended up inviting them to our NIGHT BEFORE EVENT as guests and without cameras so they could enjoy themselves but also, they were able to interact with our guests and get to know our VIBE before the big day....They fit in perfectly and we appreciated the passion they put into their work FINALLY - They made our wedding a HIT....our family was impressed with their 'go out of their way approach' to capture every shot....I didn't notice them at all once we started the ceremony, which to me is a sign of professionalism and them knowing how to capture and not be seen.... We have only seen glimpses of our Wedding photos from BG Group as it very recent, but from what we have seen....Im OVERLY impressed and already know that it will be an unbelievable video and album captured.... We researched and researched with great detail trying to find the best video/photo combination and I'm certain that WE FOUND THE BEST.... John (father of groom)- I found you guys to be exceptionally real when I met you... You made a special day even more special.

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Listed in alphabetical order. As always, we are not paid to list any of these awesome folks. These are simply companies we have worked with over our years shooting weddings; we know their abilities and they always impress.



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